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Transform eStore into Mobile App with mCommerce App Builder Software

With the usage of mobile devices witnessing an elevated growth, many eCommerce store owners realize the significance of having a mobile version of their online store, in order to reach customers in a more effective manner.

The primary aim of mobile apps is to enable customers to reach new heights, which cannot be achieved through online stores. Maintaining a perfect balance between the brick and mortar store and the online business venture is the key to attain optimum marketing strategy. Further, with Google’s upgraded algorithm supporting mobile friendly websites, it is no doubt that it is Necessary to Turn Websites into Mobile App that are mobile-friendly and must be an indispensable feature for any eCommerce business to find success. It appears that if your online store or website is not mobile-friendly, then the chances of your site showing up on Google’s search pages are very bleak. Capitalizing all these aspects, the mobile app economy has been thriving with over a million apps across app stores, which is an indication of the potential that mobile apps have in store.

Need to Build eCommerce App

There has been an unprecedented increase in eCommerce transactions these days due to the increased usage of mobile devices among people. The mCommerce is a mobile version of an eCommerce site that is used to purchase products through using the Smart Phones. The mCommerce offers more flexibility while accomplishing online business process and is helpful in differentiating your online business from your competitors.

The need to Build Mobile App for eCommerce Store is absolutely necessary to efficiently transform your existing eCommerce web site into a functionally efficient mobile app take your business process to the next level. The theme and feel of the website are completely replicated into the mobile app.

Features of Elite mCommerce App Builder Software

Beyond converting your website into a mobile app, the Elite M Commerce App Builder Software comes with a host of features to enhance your mobile app.

The Key Features of the Mobile App Builder software include:
  • Push notifications
  • Google analytic integration
  • Convenient sync feature
  • Customization themes
  • Store integration
  • Multiple payment options
  • Social media integration
  • Store locator
  • Multi-currencies and multi-lingual features.
Benefits of Elite mCommerce App Builder Software

There are a number of ways that an eCommerce site that is optimized for mobile phones will facilitate for business growth. A few of the benefits of Elite mCommerce App

Builder Software for retailers are listed below:
  • It is cost-efficient
  • Helps to reach wide audiences
  • Eliminates geographical restrictions
  • Facilitates to access new customers with more Search Engine Visibility
  • Helps to enhance the brand value of your products

Today, businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industry verticals are realizing the benefits of turning their websites to mobile app in order to establish their online business process. With online payments accomplished using the mobile app becoming more secure and with enhanced convenience of shopping, accessing the services of an eCommerce Mobile App Builder assumes greater significance.

Mobile App Development Services | eCommerce Mobile App

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Contact eGrove Systems to Hire PrestaShop Web Developer

PrestaShop is a dynamic shopping cart solution aimed at eCommerce merchants who love to have a functionally efficient website for their business process. Many web developers prefer the PrestaShop platform as their first choice for online store development task. Being open-source eCommerce website development software, PrestaShop is quite famous among developers, because of its exceptional features and hence is the preferred choice for eCommerce web development.

Why is PrestaShop the preferred platform for eCommerce store?
  • PrestaShop has a wide user base to the tune of more than 125,000 sites running on PrestaShop; this means that the code is robust, tried and tested to function reliably.
  • PrestaShop offers a wide array of extensions and modules that can be integrated to online stores to add site’s functionality.
  • It's compatible with a wide range of payment gateways to offer hassle free payment process shoppers.
  • PrestaShop is SEO friendly that helps to enhance the site visibility and sales.
Why hire eGrove PrestaShop Developer?

eGrove Systems Corporation is a frontline company offering an array of PrestaShop eCommerce web development services to a wide clientele across the world in a highly satisfied and result oriented manner. We have a team of professionals that holds wide expertise and have longstanding experience to molding the features of this platform and develop an efficient online store for clients. eGrove’s PrestaShop custom development team makes optimum utilization of this feature-rich eCommerce platform that is ideally suited for businesses of varying sizes.

Advantage of hiring eGrove Systems PrestaShop Developers?

Our core team has the domain expertise and comprehends well the precise business requirements, plan and develop websites as per the specific needs of customers. The skilled professionals optimize each of the element and ascertain complete functionality of client website, making it easy for the admin to manage the site and user-friendly. Following are our PrestaShop Web Development Services that we extend to our clients:
  • Custom Web Development
  • PSD to PrestaShop Conversion
  • Theme & Template Development
  • Module Customization & Modification
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Add-on Support
  • eStore Design & Development
eGrove’s track record in PrestaShop Development Services
eGrove Systems is well equipped with a team of skilled and experienced PrestaShop eCommerce designers and developers. eGrove’s professional PrestaShop web development team has been able to render its services successfully to a wide clientele globally through taking up design, development, customization and optimization of varied eCommerce stores. We extend our eCommerce Web Development Services that ranges from Business-to-Customer eCommerce stores to Customer-to-Customer marketplace stores that spreads across diverse business segments. Our PrestaShop developers strictly adhere to industry best practices and offer excellent services in designing, developing, testing and attend promptly post-site launching issues.


For eCommerce Web Development, most of the developers prefer PrestaShop framework, mainly because it is an open source platform to develop eCommerce websites. In addition, this platform has lightweight database and enables quick and fast loading web site development that are the major advantages of the PrestaShop eCommerce software. In order to obtain the full benefits of the eCommerce website development, the online merchant should Hire PrestaShop Developer. The web development services from eGrove will offer a great online businesses experience to users through its SEO affability, making it more visible amongst different search engines.

eGrove Web Design & Development Company

Freitag, 1. April 2016

eGrove Systems' Mobile App for convert website to Android iOS App

Today, more and more business entities are paying attention on developing a mobile app for the efficient running of their business process. Many purposes can be attributed for creating an application such as customer retention, attracting new customers, earning more profit, building customer loyalty, etc. Whatever be the reason, the development of all apps is based on mobile platforms. There is a plethora of platforms that are used for developing a mobile app for conducting the business process smoothly, yet Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are the prominent devices that are extensively used in eCommerce Development Services.

Android Mobile Platform

Being an open source mobile platform, Android mobile apps are downloaded by more than a billion users per month across the globe. Widely reckoned as one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms, the Android operating system is brought out by Google. It is a hard task to develop a mobile app without the support of the Android Application Development services. In order to develop Android applications, the developer must have sound knowledge of the Android SDK, Android Media API’s, Security Architecture as well as SQLite Database.

The features of Android platform include
  • Comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics, Inter Process communication (IPC) message passing, P2P uses Google Talk, SQLite for data storage, export and also signing up for publishing.
  • Easy deployment of varied technologies such as GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS that facilitate to send and receive data across mobile networks.
  • In earlier Apple iPhones, it were not possible to Tweet, Video Chat, Facebook and many more applications; yet, Android Tablets and Smartphone models have eliminated the difficulties, thus making it as much easier as possible.
iOS Mobile Platform

The mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.-the iOS is used to run devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc. With a wide collection of around 900,000 iOS applications for downloading in the Apple’s app store, the iOS is the famous operating system that is created exclusively for mobile app development purpose.

The Android & iOS Mobile App Development platforms are put to use in different ways in order to create excellent mobile apps which facilitates you to run a successful online business venture. With the help of Android mobile app, it is easy to move the content through any installed app with sharing capabilities. Similarly, the iOS app enables you to share the content through some basic choices like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

eGrove Systems Corporation offers the best Android & iOS Mobile App Development services to its clients across the world. In order to build eCommerce Mobile App, capitalizing the complex Android & iOS platform, our highly qualified app developers explore the rich capabilities of these two platforms and create apps that are compatible with varied mobile devices.


eGrove Systems renders an array of Android & iOS Mobile App Development services to all business types, irrespective of its size, for the very reason that the demand for smart phones and their applications created with these OS are increasing day-by-day. These excellent Mobile Applications based on these OS are used by a number of businesses with diverse needs that ranges from business, entertainment and gaming, finance, marketing and advertising, social networking, healthcare, utility, travel and lifestyle, multimedia, CRM etc. Thus, the Android & iOS operating systems are the ideal option for converting your websites to Android & iOS Apps.

eGrove's Mobile App Development Services

Elite mCommerce's eCommerce Mobile App for PrestaShop Magento

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Python Development on Google App Engine

The Web Application Development process is a fast growing domain these days. In this process, Python serves as a scripting language for web application initiatives. The Python development technology has been accessing wide patronage among Python Web Application Developers because it is simple and offers consistent and excellent interfacing features and enables programmers to build Python web applications with utmost security, in addition to providing high end levels of performance.

Adhering to the object-oriented coding procedures, the array of web applications written on Python technology facilitates to have a clean and readable code and enables to maintain with ease.

Google App Engine for Python

As the leading player in Internet technology, Google is thriving as a reputed cloud computing provider with its Google App Engine (GAE) framework as a service. This service is intended to develop and host web applications by making use of Google's infrastructure as well as data centers. The GAE supports a number of languages - including Python, Java and Ruby. The Google App Engine for Python is a scalable service that facilitates web application developers to make use of the varied features of GAE in an efficient manner to build applications to suit diverse business needs,

Features of Google application Engine
  • Google App Engine serves as a web application hosting platform. The term “web application,” means an application or service accessed through the Web, generally with a web browser. The Google App Engine supports traditional website content as well, such as documents and images, but is specifically designed for real-time dynamic applications. In particular, the Google App Engine is designed to host applications with several simultaneous users. When an application supports several simultaneous users without mitigating the performance, it is called "scalable"
  • The applications written using Google App Engine scale automatically. Unlike the traditional web hosting or self-managed servers, with Google App Engine, you only need to pay for the resources that you make use of.
  • App Engine is a part of the Google Cloud Platform, which is a suite of services for running scalable applications, doing large amounts of computational work and storing, using and analyzing large amounts of data.
  • The features of GAE work together to host applications efficiently at minimal cost. The App Engine’s specific role on the platform is to host web applications and scale them automatically.
  • Also, the Google App Engine supports a Python app using WSGI, an extensively supported application interface standard. Also the GAE supports most of Python’s large and excellent standard library, and rich APIs and libraries for web application development. In addition, several open source Python web application frameworks work well with App Engine, like Django, web2py, Pyramid, and Flask.

Python is an extensively used scripting language preferred by programmers for a number of web application development, worldwide. Just like several other scripting languages, Python offers more flexibility and helps to integrate dissimilar systems. The Google App Engine using Python Technology is a scalable service that enables programmers to access the array of features of GAE in an efficient manner to develop web applications to suit diverse business needs.

Python Development on Google App Engine | Hire Python Web Developers

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Using Ruby on Rails - Build in-Store Mobile App

Today, mobile phones are overtaking computers and tablets as the most favored medium to access internet across the globe. Hence, retailers have begun to take cognizance of this trend and diligently upgrade their website based services to make them mobile friendly, enabling them to cater efficiently to a large number of online shoppers. Making your mobile app available and user-friendly for smartphones and pockets PCs remains to be an excellent avenue to create an appealing product display and access a notable market share. The Ruby on Rails, with its well-defined conventions is an ideal framework for Creating in-Store Mobile App.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is widely recognized as a highly proficient mobile app development framework that offers scope for creating elegant and sturdy applications efficiently without any hassle. It is an open source development framework written in Ruby and adheres to the Model View Controller architecture for building in-store mobile app. Faster access makes ROR development, the most favored platforms by various businesses.

Features of ROR for mobile app development

Ruby on Rails framework Development Services has featured great functionalities, which became the main reason for its huge patronage among app developers. ROR applications are database driven and hence it enables the optimal server and database support.

Using Ruby on Rails facilitates fast and easy deployment of app development solutions because it is compliant with a number of web servers and databases, implementing CGI or Fast SGI. It also facilitates app developers to come up with sophisticated and enhanced apps that are unique, captivating and user friendly.

Ruby on Rails Mobile App Development Services are executed with much flexibility and takes lesser time when compared to the time taken by other platforms means ROR supports rapid app development.

Following are some of the benefits, which make ROR so popular among mobile app developers:-
  • It enables app development in less time, than one can ever imagine.
  • It is very flexible and responds to various changes required throughout the app development process.
  • It offers a lot of benefits such as new coding techniques, community support and many more.
  • ROR proves to be a cost-effective option for the purpose of app development without even compromising on important factors such as performance, scalability & the quality of your in-store mobile app.

In short, Ruby on Rails is an open source programming framework extensively used by mobile app developers across the world. Also, it features great functionalities that have become the prime reason for its wide usage among mobile app developers. ROR applications are database driven and hence it facilitates optimum server and database support.

Ruby on Rails Web Application Development Services

Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

Ruby on Rails - Web Application Framework

Web development is an essential service that needs to be availed by retailers that would like to have an online presence of their business. With the advancement in technologies today, the web development services have begun to capitalize such advancements in rendering services. Hence, having just a simple website is inadequate for online businesses to reach the targeted audience. There are a number of web development platforms these days that use cutting edge technologies to help online merchants to bring better business opportunities.

The need to use Ruby on Rails for web development

These days, online businesses have been investing more on web app development services. But selecting the right web development services that suit the specific requirements and needs of businesses assumes greater significance. In such cases, Ruby on Rails development is an ideal option as it offers a broad collection of features and development scope.

Ruby on Rails is widely recognized as a highly proficient web application development platform for building elegant and robust web applications efficiently and with ease. ROR is an open source development program written in Ruby and adheres to a Model View Controller process for building web applications. Faster access makes ROR Web Based Application development, the most favored option by different online businesses as it helps to develop websites that are database driven.

Features of Ruby on Rail framework

The Ruby on Rails Web Based Application development comes to immaculate features and functionalities which is considered as the main reason for its accessing enormous patronage and popularity among web developers. Being compliant with a number of web servers and databases, ROR includes fewer coding and simpler methods in the web development process. Also, ROR framework enables developers to come up with enhanced web applications that are distinctive and user friendly. Ruby on Rails Web app development can be accomplished with more flexibility and it takes lesser time unlike the time required for app development using other frameworks.

A number of businesses prefer this programming language mainly because it is simple, flexible and readable. Given below are some of the noteworthy benefits, that makes it so popular among ROR developers:
  • It enables rapid application development and it is possible to put Rails application together easily in lesser time.
  • It is highly flexible and hence responds to various changes needed in the application development process.
  • It is an open source framework and extends a number of benefits such as new coding techniques, community support and many more.
Benefits of ROR framework for different business owners

Changes can be made easily

It enables changes to be made easily in a website that is developed by using the ROR technology with additional features.

Websites can be launched quickly

Ruby on Rails websites can be quickly launched within a period of six few weeks, unlike more time taken for other websites that are developed by using traditional programming languages. This is made possible due to the leaner code-base, a clean & modular design and the easy accessibility of a plethora of plug-ins, which are pre-existing.

Cost-effective option

As Ruby on Rails framework proves to be a cost-effective option for web development purpose and enables you to get your project done quickly without compromising on vital factors such as performance, scalability and quality of your website.


To summarize, it can be said that the ROR framework features indicated above are not all-inclusive, but a gist of the array of benefits offered by it. Ruby on Rails, being an open source framework has brought about a revolution in the web application development domain.

Hence, you can thrive successful in online business, if you Hire Ruby on Rails Developer to design your eCommerce website using the Ruby on Rails framework to reach your targeted audience efficiently.

Hire ROR Developers | Web Development Company

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Magento is the Right Choice for eCommerce Website Design at Low Cost

With a number of eCommerce platforms accessible in the market, it is a hard task to opt for the most ideal platform that assists in building up powerful and feature-rich online business facilities. By taking the online business process to the next level, Magento offers a number of sophisticated features that encompass complete flexibility, robustness and scalability. If you prefer to have a Magento supported eCommerce store, you need to access professional as well as customized Magento development services from a reliable and trustworthy company that are well versed in this field.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is a widely accepted open source platform offering flawless functionality and an extensive array of features to choose from. Following are some of the advantages of using Magento for eCommerce stores are:
  • Magento platform offers ease of bringing in new changes in the prevailing templates. This enables an innovative edge and serves as a plus point for online businesses by helping them in re –aligning their templates.
  • It facilitates the management of multiple eCommerce sites from a single administration panel.
    It supports a wide array of add-on web themes and is useful in enhancing the site traffic and absorbing new customers with the Magento’s SEO friendly URL structure as well as SEO tools.
  • Moreover, the Magento's intuitive administration interface facilitates to specify the structure of product pages. By using its URL rewrite tool, it is possible to edit the Meta descriptions and Meta tags and enhance your site's visibility on search engines.
Why Magento Development Services are considered the best for developing and designing online sites?

Hiring Magento Development Services providers will not only help you in saving cost but also will assist in saving your time that can be used in paying much-needed attention to your core business functions so that organizational goals can be attained within the set time schedule. Web designing and development tasks being an ongoing task, seasoned service providers also offer you round the clock technical support and maintenance solutions. Yet, when opting for a Magento development company, you need to consider the experience of the service provider in this domain. This will enable you to have a fair idea about the quality of services they render.

Companies offering Magento development services for your shopping cart will help you in enhancing the visibility of websites that are tailored to cater to your specific business requirements. Using expert software development methodology, these service providers prepare a full fledge plan to make sure that all the features are incorporated in your Magento based website.

Some of the key solutions that service providers offer:
  • Magento web development
  • Magento installation and configuration
  • Magento integration
  • Magento theme development
  • Magento upgrades
  • Custom Magento development
  • Backend report customization
  • Extension and plug-in development
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • 3rd party application integration
  • Magento mobile commerce
  • Support and maintenance

Magento is a robust and dynamic commerce platform that is extensively used by a number of eCommerce merchants to function successfully in the online trading arena. When hiring highly competent Magento development services providers, you need to ensure that they hold expertise and experience in this line and work closely with your company to chalk out your business' specifications as well as priorities. While delivering the solutions, they use the best practices to assist you boost sales conversion rates.

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Identify the perfect dropshipper module for your PrestaShop store

With the high growth of online shopping ventures, the demand for better customer services have also become an indispensable factor for the Successful eCommerce business. With more and more people preferring to shop through online stores, there is a huge line-up of products that needs to be shipped. Hence, the online merchants have to be necessarily got equipped with a good shipping system in order to make sure a timely delivery of products resulting in high customer satisfaction. In this connection, the PrestaShop Addons/Modules for Shipping system facilitate your visitors to choose the types of delivery options for their order and also enables to auto calculate the shipping charges.

Above all, the PrestaShop Dropshipper Modules also help to know what are the international carriers supporting this shipping module and can easily integrate the carriers into your eCommerce system. On the other hand, the customers also feel more secure if they have control over the status of their products purchased and have the requisite means to track them.

How PrestaShop dropshipper modules support online store owners?

DropShipping still remains to be one of the huge tasks in the eCommerce business activities. In order to mitigate this issue, ModuleBazaar has come out with an efficient dropshipping module that can be integrated seamlessly with your Prestashoop eCommerce store. The PrestaShop Dropshipping Modules will no doubt be a complete solution for your online store. It enables you to manage Drop shipping goods and Orders from Multiple Vendors with ease using this PrestaShop Dropshipping Module.

In addition, this drop shipping Module transfers customer’s order and other shipping details directly from on-line store to either manufacturer or vendor who handles the shipment to customers. A streamlined communication between online stores and drop shippers is made possible through this module, thus allowing the online store owners to track orders and shipments handled by vendors.

By having the Best Dropshipping Module, the online store owners can concentrate on profit rather than spending time on inventory and can experience greater automation for shipping tasks. This drop shipping module not only mitigates the cost of maintaining inventory, but also it supports the business with a wide range of products with comparatively less amount of investments. This is a dynamic module which eliminates the stress of warehousing the products.

Features of PrestaShop dropshipper modules

  • Multiple Shipping origins per order.
  • Works well with most of the 3rd party carriers.
  • Can engage your own shipping carriers
  • Different vendors are permitted for the same order.
  • Order notification can be sent to suppliers and vendors automatically.
  • Permits different shipping per vendor.
  • Delivery service options available for each shipping carrier
  • Enables to view supplier wise sales report.


The PrestaShop Dropshipper Module is best suited for retailers as well as wholesale merchants. Also, this module allows customers to place their orders easily. This module is designed to calculate shipping fees depending on the delivery address, product weight, product cost, and product quantity.

Download: PrestaShop Addons for DropShipper

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